Take Responsibility for Bad Decisions

Dear Editor,

The front page of the Harrow Times on 5th November made for very sad reading; not just because of the way in which Mrs. Bard was poorly treated by the Council over her blue badge application, but due to a statement from Labour Cabinet member Cllr. Sachin Shah expressing no remorse or taking any responsibility for what happened to a resident in need.

Having been closely involved with this case throughout, I was surprised and disappointed to read Cllr. Shah simply say the Council was “aware” of her case, that they have “agreed she can re-apply” and that the “rules… have changed” since Mrs. Bard last applied for her blue badge. In actual fact, I have had a full admission from Council officers that several mistakes were made, so to make what happened to Mrs. Bard seem like a mere issue of processing or a technicality is really very disingenuous.

Finally, Cllr. Shah blamed a “third party” for causing Mrs. Bard so much grief – a third party contracted to do blue badge assessments by a Labour administration, and which Cllr. Shah knows full well has been the subject of numerous complaints about its performance. Labour try very hard to absolve themselves of any responsibility for the decisions they’re making in Harrow, but apologising to a resident who has been wronged shouldn’t be beyond them. For Labour, ‘sorry’ really does seem to be the hardest word.


Cllr. Marilyn Ashton (Conservative)
Stanmore Park Ward
Harrow Council