Reconsider Belmont Circle Parking

Dear Editor,

At its September meeting, Harrow Council debated a petition signed by nearly 3,000 local residents worried about the impact of new parking and traffic controls in the Belmont Circle area. Due to the removal of several parking spaces and the installation of double yellow lines, local businesses have reported a severe decline in trade. Now they and their customers have asked the Council to roll back some of the changes before it’s too late.

We cannot emphasise how serious things are in Belmont Circle – many shopkeepers have reported to us not just that they’re facing the prospect of closing their doors, but that they can’t even put food on the table for their families. We recognise that road safety and other considerations are made when installing traffic controls, but hope that the Council can strike a balance between looking after road users and supporting local businesses.

It is also our hope that when looking at this decision again, the Council’s Labour administration shows more understanding and respect for the shopkeepers and business owners than they did on the night they came to see their petition debated. They were made to wait while Labour shoved a non-urgent and inaccurate Council motion onto the agenda – just so they could have a party-political rant – when there was no reason it couldn’t have been heard later in the meeting. If Labour expect residents to engage in Council processes, to make their voices heard, and to actually come to Council meetings – snubbing them when they make the effort is the wrong way to go about it.


Cllr. Manji Kara
Cllr. Mina Parmar
Cllr. Lynda Seymour
Belmont Ward Councillors (Conservative)
Harrow Council