Opposition Holds Administration to Account

Dear Editor,

I was interested to read last week’s letter (29 October) by a so-called Harrow ‘Monitoring’ Group. Its author, a discredited former councillor, seems to think that Harrow’s opposition Conservative Group should not hold the Labour-run Council to account for its lack of transparency and poor decision-making. Apparently, we should be ‘encouraging and enhancing’ the Council as it continues to let its residents down, rather than challenge its ill-thought through ‘regeneration’ schemes, the £75 garden tax and numerous other poor decisions.

He does not seem concerned by the fact that the Civic Centre proposals were rushed through the Council without any proper scrutiny or consultation. Indeed, disgracefully, it has taken almost two months for any form of briefing to be arranged for opposition councillors, myself included.

I would have thought that a ‘monitoring’ group would want to see strong scrutiny of the Council on behalf of local residents. Unfortunately, this ‘group’ (such as it is) seems more interested in settling the personal and political scores of a certain former councillor.


Cllr. Stephen Greek

Conservative Planning Spokesman

Harrow Council