Labour Poor Advocates on Police Issues

Dear Editor, Writing about policing in London (22 October), Labour’s Navin Shah and Cllr. David Perry tried to have their cake and eat it. Their letters contained words like “could” and “proposed” – highlighting that decisions on police funding are yet to be made – but also alleged that certain choices are already set in stone. Indeed, Cllr. Perry wrote that all PCSOs will be scrapped “at the very least”, and the Council motion he referred to said similar – ignoring that the Metropolitan Police is actually considering three different models for PCSOs. Therefore, calling the motion “scaremongering” is quite accurate, as it gave a false impression about what options are on the table. Continue reading

Garden Tax Debated in Parliament

Cllr. Susan Hall, Leader of the Conservative Group, said: “I’m very pleased Bob Blackman has raised Labour’s outrageous garden tax again. Harrow residents pay the third highest council tax in London, and Labour now want them to pay £75 on top of that for a collection that’s only going to be half as often as when it was provided ‘on the rates’. Continue reading

Police Funding Discussions Ongoing

Cllr. Susan Hall, Leader of the Conservative Group, said: “As the Home Secretary said over the weekend, no decisions have been made on police budgets and discussions on new funding formulas are ongoing ahead of the Comprehensive Spending Review next month. Continue reading

Labour’s Hollow Words on Regeneration

Dear Editor, Labour’s Cllr. Keith Ferry (8 October) sings the virtue of cross-party working on regeneration, but he doesn’t practise what he preaches. In the space of a fortnight, Labour made public their plans to build a new Civic Centre in Wealdstone, passed them at Cabinet, and rammed them through full Council. The Conservative Group was specifically told we were not to be briefed on or included in any discussions about the plans until this had happened – thereby removing our ability to comment on them or suggest changes. Continue reading

Reconsider Belmont Circle Parking

Dear Editor, At its September meeting, Harrow Council debated a petition signed by nearly 3,000 local residents worried about the impact of new parking and traffic controls in the Belmont Circle area. Due to the removal of several parking spaces and the installation of double yellow lines, local businesses have reported a severe decline in trade. Now they and their customers have asked the Council to roll back some of the changes before it’s too late. Continue reading