Charges for Remembrance Sunday Not Ruled Out

Concerns are growing that organisers of Remembrance Sunday commemorations in Harrow could be sent enormous bills by the Council, as the result of a new charging scheme for using parks and highways. Last week the Pinner Association warned it could face bills of over £2,500 for organising its annual run of free concerts, and raised concerns about other community events. The Council’s Labour administration says it is currently consulting on the proposed charging scheme, but has now refused to rule out charging for Remembrance Sunday commemorations. Continue reading

Take Responsibility for Bad Decisions

Dear Editor, The front page of the Harrow Times on 5th November made for very sad reading; not just because of the way in which Mrs. Bard was poorly treated by the Council over her blue badge application, but due to a statement from Labour Cabinet member Cllr. Sachin Shah expressing no remorse or taking any responsibility for what happened to a resident in need. Continue reading

Labour's 'Concrete Jungle' to Blight Harrow

Dear Editor, At a meeting of Harrow Council’s Major Developments Panel earlier this month, we were given presentations on several of the Labour administration’s plans for the borough. To say we were alarmed is an understatement. Continue reading

Labour's Management Savings Questionable

Conservative Group Leader Cllr. Susan Hall said: “Our view has always been you need cut wage bills at the top before you look to cut those at the bottom, which is why our previous administration abolished the expensive Chief Executive role that Labour have since restored. Also, just last month Labour put up the salaries of several of the Council’s highest paid staff, and are refusing to give us the business case for the senior officer restructure that’s going on at the moment. Continue reading

Opposition Holds Administration to Account

Dear Editor, I was interested to read last week’s letter (29 October) by a so-called Harrow ‘Monitoring’ Group. Its author, a discredited former councillor, seems to think that Harrow’s opposition Conservative Group should not hold the Labour-run Council to account for its lack of transparency and poor decision-making. Apparently, we should be ‘encouraging and enhancing’ the Council as it continues to let its residents down, rather than challenge its ill-thought through ‘regeneration’ schemes, the £75 garden tax and numerous other poor decisions. Continue reading