A Happy Christmas to All

Dear Editor, As politicians we sometimes use the letters page to engage in back and forth with colleagues from the Labour Group, and no doubt we’ll get straight back to that once the festive period is over. There is reason behind this; because we all have different ideas, underpinned by ideology, and different ways of doing things. Debating, discussing and even sometimes outright arguing about these ideas helps them develop and become more refined – or at least that’s the theory. Continue reading

Access to Information Must Be Protected

Dear Editor, As opposition councillors on Harrow Council, which has seen a near 60% increase in handling Freedom of Information Act requests between 2012 and 2015, we are most concerned by calls from the Local Government Association and other organisations for tighter restrictions on the process. Continue reading

Poor Developments Labour's Legacy

Dear Editor, At November’s meeting of Harrow Council’s Planning Committee, the Labour members present joined with the Conservatives in voting to refuse an application to convert a property on Courtenay Avenue into two flats. This was the right decision as the proposal was inappropriate for the house in question, given it’s in a road of single family dwellings. Continue reading