A Happy Christmas to All

Dear Editor,

As politicians we sometimes use the letters page to engage in back and forth with colleagues from the Labour Group, and no doubt we’ll get straight back to that once the festive period is over. There is reason behind this; because we all have different ideas, underpinned by ideology, and different ways of doing things. Debating, discussing and even sometimes outright arguing about these ideas helps them develop and become more refined – or at least that’s the theory.

However, the fundamental goal is the same for us all; improving the world around us and giving people the best possible chance in life. We might differ in the route we want to take, but we all strive to reach the same destination. And no other time of year brings home the importance of caring for those close us, of looking out for others, and the differing challenges faced by both the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ quite in the same way as Christmas does.

So in that spirit we wanted to wish all Harrow residents, including the Labour Group and other councillors, a very merry Christmas, a happy and healthy New Year, and the very best wishes for 2016.


Harrow Council Conservative Group